ALA Roundups Elsewhwere

If you are posting your ALA roundup, let us know, we’d love to link to them here (and vice versa if you are so inclined). Here’s a few I’ve found so far, not all are necessarily preservation related…but we are all interdisciplinary now, right?

Gary Frost has posted his thoughts on ALA over on his blog, Book Notes.

The Shifted Librarian has posted notes, too.

ALA has created a presentations wiki as a central location for what else, presentations. This is a voluntary thing so not all presentations will be here but it’s a step in the right direction for ALA. As travel funds and conference attendance dwindles, we need our professional organizations to step up and provide its members this sort of access to conference proceedings and presentations. As soon as I can remember my login, I’ll put Brian Baird’s presentation on PUR adhesives on the wiki (you, dear reader, can already see it on PCAN ’cause we love to share).

And just for fun, Nancy Kraft tells us how to get a maximize poster space to get it to fit into her suitcase. AIC is coming up y’all, and they love their posters. Great tip Nancy!


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