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Archivists’ Toolkit Roundtable (SAA)

[Quoting from an email]

The Archivists’ Toolkit Roundtable of the Society of American Archivists will hold its annual meeting on Wednesday, Aug 11th, 1-3pm, at the SAA Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.

Established in February 2009, the Archivists’ Toolkit Roundtable (ATRT) provides a forum for archivists from all types of repositories to identify and discuss key issues relevant to the Archivists’ Toolkit (AT) software tool. The ArchivesSpace planning project is under way, with the expectation that through the collaborative efforts of AT and Archon’s development teams, a new collection management tool will emerge. We invite a discussion of the AT Roundtable’s role in facilitating collaboration between AT and Archon users and the ArchivesSpace team.

An update on the status of ArchivesSpace will be given by the planning team, who will also be present for Q&A. Presentations and announcements will extend the inaugural meeting’s theme of community development and resource sharing. The event will offer a meeting space where we can share and benefit from the knowledge and expertise of archivists, which will facilitate the development of an archival management tool whose features and functions best serve the user community.



BUSINESS: 1:00-1:20

ATRT – revised name, mission and goals (draft to be circulated in advance of mtg via ATRT forum.) Steering Cmte will propose a timeframe for submitting revisions.

Governance: establishing a timeline for elections

ArchivesSpace UPDATE : 1:20-2:10

Brad Westbrook, Susan Harum, and Chris Prom



Cory Nimer, Brigham Young University. Plug-in update: enhanced extent and date types in AT.

Marisa Hudspeth, Rockefeller Archive Center and Sibyl Schaefer, University of Vermont. Reference module

Adrian Turner, CDL. Consortia support for AT and Archon.


Nancy Enneking, Getty Research Intitute Archives


Questions/suggestions? Please contact Genie Guerard at <gguerard [at] library [dot] ucla [dot] edu>

*This agenda is posted to the Archivists’ Toolkit Roundtable website: http://www2.archivists.org/groups/atrt

Best wishes,

Genie Guerard

Chair, SAA Archivists’ Toolkit Roundtable

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