Talking Temps (and humidity)

I’ve attended two sessions at this ALA about environmental control and what I find interesting is that no one has yet mentioned the Plus/Minus roundtable sponsored by AIC and IIC. That roundtable, which I summarized for you earlier, urged us to reconsider our strict standards in order to both save money and environmental resources. James Reilly of IPI urged us all to keep our standards high and to monitor aggressively, and yesterday Neal Rusnov, Architect of the Capitol in Harrisburg, PA, presented a talk on the $7.2 million renovation of their building and the state of the art environmental controls they now have. [I’ll post on that later.]

I’m encouraged by the testing that IPI will be undertaking to see how setbacks or complete shutdowns during low-use periods effect the collections. I’m amazed at that new capitol building and want a tour. I’m also encouraged by the willingness of administrators to have this debate. If you missed the IIC Roundtable, the Indianapolis Museum of Art has kindly put a video of the session up on their website. The IMA by the way is also posted in real time the environmental conditions of its gallery space and its daily energy consumption. [Thanks to Daly Conservation for posting those links.]


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  1. Beth,
    Thanks for doing such a great job of summarizing the events and discussions going on at ALA (and AIC) for all of us non-attenders.

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