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Announcement Odds and Ends

We’ve been in the post-conference daze lately, sorry about that, but you know how it goes. Here are some odds and ends that have come over the transom in the past couple of weeks that you may be interested in. Thanks, as always, for reading.

Video of presentations from the North Carolina Preservation Consortium conference “Fundraising for Collections Preservation and Conservation” is now available free on the web.

The speakers were Diane Vogt-O’ Connor, Chief of Conservation, Library of Congress, Kristen Overbeck Laise, Vice President for Collections Care Programs, Heritage Preservation, Nancy Odegaard, Conservator and Head of the Preservation Division, Arizona State Museum, and Susan Mathisen, President of S.A.M. Fundraising Solutions.

AIC is now archiving the annual meeting poster sessions on their website. It’s not quite intuitive on how to find them on their site, so they provided these instructions:

“Go to www.conservation-us.org/pastmeetings and under the Milwaukee meeting click on show more info and then click on Posters, which will bring you to a list organized alphabetically by author last name. Clicking on a presentation will bring you to the abstract and, if the presentation is available a link to the file.”

Thanks AIC! we need to be doing more of this sort of sharing so people who can’t make it to the meetings can still learn and grow as professionals. We all appreciate your efforts.

At the beginning of this year, the Office of Strategic Initiatives in the Library of Congress launched the Digital Preservation Outreach and Education (DPOE) initiative. The mission of DPOE is to establish and sustain a national outreach and education program to encourage individuals and organizations to actively preserve their digital content, building on a collaborative network of instructors, contributors, and institutional partners.


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