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New Faculty Member Joins Winterthur

News from Winterthur:

Chela Metzger is Winterthur’s new Conservator of Library Collections and adjunct faculty for the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation.  She joins us from the University of Texas at Austin where she served as lecturer in Book Conservation and History of the Book for the former Kilgarlin Center for Preservation of the Cultural Record, the only American program dedicated to training graduate level conservators in library and archival conservation.  Before joining the UT faculty, Chela worked as a conservator at the Huntington Library in San Marino, Cal. where she also began her work with Latin American collections, starting with a Fulbright lectureship in Argentina awarded in 2000.  Since then she has taught, lectured, and consulted widely in Latin America and the United States, as well as pursuing independent research in the history and structure of account books; for the latter, she received a Winterthur research fellowship in 2010.

A giant congratulations to Chela and to the University of Delaware Art Conservation Program.

4 Responses

  1. I mentioned how library conservation, following a trend in technical services, is uncoupling from the MLS. Another centrifugal may be the distribution of instructional experts to programs and institutions that do not have library conservation at heart. Such developments are probably all to the good.

    The library conservation world offers perspectives and methods of practice that can benefit preservation generally and certainly benefit conservation practice generally. Consider the excellent recent reference works by Baker and Price recently adding to graphics and archival conservation understanding. Book and library conservation deserves similar infiltration to the larger environment of book studies and library preservation. We should get going before the role of general print collections is discounted.

  2. I don’t like this trend either, Gary, I am a firm proponent of library conservators being immersed in library school. During the past two years of discussions, only Simmons stepped up to say they would partner with Winterthur to try to give them some context.

    Part of the problem is that no school is going to take up an expensive program that turns out, at best, ten students a year. Given the economics of a conservation program, how do we “get going”?

  3. …er, Beth, I said that the trends were probably good. For one thing, the (library) schools may be poised for another down turn.

    Perhaps preservation should play a wider role in library-like units and library hosting institutions that need preservation advisory while revamping technical services. We should not leave these revolutions to the geeks.

    An underlying uncoupling may be the tracks for learning from the tracks for work. This may also be a positive trend.

  4. Sorry Gary, I misinterpreted your reply. My opinion still stands. I’m a proponent of conservation training for library conservators happening within library school. I think having that contextual background gives us library conservators the ammunition and vocabulary to do exactly what you say…play a wider role in libraries and library-like units.

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