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New Blog to Read

We have added Digital Collaboration to our blog roll. Susan Myburgh is at the University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia. With her blog she hopes to encourage collaboration between librarians, archivists, recordkeepers, curators, and computer scientists to discuss the wider concepts of digital libraries and our rolls within them:

My point of departure for this blog is likewise twofold. One of the major weaknesses of our territory is that we have been unable to articulate, clearly and succinctly, what the ‘information’ is with which we deal. The term ‘information’ has now been flogged to death in the English language, and is used loosely and inaccurately, as well as a synonym for ‘technology’. These are, I think, two quite different concepts, which I hope will become clear as the conversation on this blog develops. The other major weakness, as I see it, is that all of those who deal with information in the way in which I understand the term (roughly more synonymous with ‘ideas’ – more discussion on this on the blog) have for too long worked separately and independently from one another, even though we share so much – whether we realise it or not. Even retaining the distinctions between these specialised groups – which is essential, really – perhaps we could do better if we regard ourselves as subsystems of a metasystem, or metadiscipline, of information work (label still to be thought up – any suggestions?). If we were to join together in such a way, and present a clear and unified front to the public AND to the powers that be, hopefully such events as Cameron’s closing libraries in the UK would not be possible.

Welcome to to blogosphere Susan!


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