New Publication on Microbiology

From Distlist instance 24:39. If anyone is interested in writing a review of this for PCAN, please contact its editors.

Cultural Heritage Microbiology, Fundamental Studies in Conservation Science edited by Ralph Mitchell and Christopher McNamara is now available from the American Society for Microbiology Press.

While research in microbial degradation is usually published in a wide variety of locations, this book compiles over twenty important publications involving research in the microbial degradation of
cultural material, encompassing painted materials, paper and manuscripts, textiles, synthetic polymers, wood and stone. Each section is introduced by a review that discusses past research as well as cutting-edge findings. Cultural Heritage Microbiology aims to provide scientists and conservators important publications describing major advances in the understanding of the microbial degradation of cultural heritage material. The book is available from ASM Press, Washington, DC 2010.


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