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To go to conferences and events … go online?

Greetings all from the second Library of Congress Future Directions Symposia Series (“Assessing Options for Large Collections”)! Many of you not in Washington, DC are watching the symposium webcast right now, and if you weren’t able to watch it live today then simply check back to the event’s website (link above) where a recording will be posted in a couple weeks.  If you’d like to view the first symposium (“Understanding the Physical Environment: From Silver Image to Silver Anniversary – 25 Years of Preservation Research at the Image Permanence Institute”), you can view the webcast recording here.  Or stay tuned for the third in the series “Transitioning to a Digital Future” this October 2011.  The Preservation Directorate at the Library of Congress makes most of its events available via webcast, including most TOPS (Topics in Preservation Series) lectures.

Interested in ALA haps but don’t have the funding to travel to New Orleans this summer?  ALA promises more information about its virtual conference soon.  Last year, AIC shared conference posters online, and let’s hope they continue that practice and expand the online documentation (presentations, video recordings) of sessions in the near future.  The perennially wonderful National Archives Annual Preservation Conference has for many years posted its speaker slideshows online, and Yale is recording their Preservation Lecture series (featuring Abby Smith Rumsey with “But Storage is Cheap… Digital Preservation in the Age of Abundance” this Thursday 3/17) with the hopes of putting it up on iTunes.

ALCTS offers a number of preservation webinars, two of which will be free in celebration of Preservation Week: “Accidents Happen: Protecting & Saving Family Treasures” and “Preserving Your Personal Digital Memories.”  Many more online courses are popping up via AIC and ALA, and RAP does a great job summarizing the offerings of the regional centers.

What other conferences and events are making their mark online? How has limited funding for travel and training changed the way you plan your professional development and training opportunities?


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