New position at NARA

Research Chemist, GS-13,

National Archives and Records Administration, Vacancy Announcement #JD508108SH

The National Archives and Records Administration is seeking to hire a research chemist for its Research and Testing Laboratory, which is part of the Conservation Division, Preservation Programs, in College Park MD.  We are seeking applicants, preferably with a background in conservation science, who are familiar with the wide range of analytical equipment used to identify and quantify unknown materials, the wide range of materials and formats comprising archival holdings as well as an understanding of their degradation processes and the challenges of preserving these archival records.

The Research and Testing Lab is involved in a wide range of activities and projects designed to further the preservation of archival materials and historical collections in all formats and media.  Specific program activities include developing specifications for storage and housing materials, performing quality assurance testing, developing environmental monitoring programs and analyzing data, evaluating materials proposed for use in exhibit mounts, display cases, and storage environments, as well as building and renovation projects, and evaluating materials in support of conservation treatment.  Staff carry out research pertaining to preservation and deterioration processes and contribute to special projects, such as the design and monitoring of anoxic environments in display encasements.

The laboratory is fully equipped with the following capabilities: gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, ion chromatography, gel permeation chromatography, capillary electrophoresis, x-ray fluorescence, FTIR, NIR, microfading, and physical paper testing, including folds to break, stiffness, and tear.

This is a permanent, full-time position.  For additional information, contact Mary Lynn Ritzenthaler, Chief, Conservation Division, 301-837-2906, marylynn [dot] ritzenthaler [at] nara [dot] gov. See USA Jobs for the vacancy announcement and application process.  The opening closes on August 15, 2011. 


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