Sustainable Conservation Practice

A while ago, AIC developed a Green Task Force to begin discussing sustainable practices in the conservation profession. That group morphed into the AIC Committee on Sustainable Conservation Practice and they have been busy getting information gathered in order to help conservators and institutions make smarter choices pertaining to solvents, water filtration systems, and much more.

Melissa Tedone from Iowa State University is the sole library and archives conservator on the committee and would like your help in shaping the wiki they are developing. She sends along this information on the group and the wiki:

The AIC Committee on Sustainable Conservation Practice (CSCP) is a committee of conservators across specialty groups working to research issues and trends in sustainability and provide information to the general membership. One means for CSCP to communicate their findings is through the Sustainable Practices Wiki.

Our goal is simply to assemble as much information as we can about a given topic, including aspects that might be in dispute, and let our readers make up their own minds about the issues. In this sense, the wiki serves as a clearinghouse for current research about sustainability.

The Sustainable Practices Wiki is still very much a work-in-progress, so we encourage conservators to check it out and give us feedback on what sustainability topics they would like to see more research about. Feedback can be emailed to the committee at


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