Call for Sustainable Tips at AIC 40th Annual Meeting

Posted on behalf of the AIC Committee for Sustainable Conservation Practices.

The Committee for Sustainable Conservation Practices is putting out a call for tips to present at our lunch session Wednesday, May 9 at AIC 40th Annual Meeting.

The 2 hour lunch session, Linking the Environment and Heritage Conservation: Presentations, Tips, and Discussions, will include two presentations from environmentalists from  non-heritage conservation fields who will discuss materials and their effect on the environment, followed by a one-hour tips session and a 20 minute panel discussion.

Conservators will have 10 minutes each to present tips on how they are working in a more sustainable fashion. We encourage discussions concerning: materials for treatment and storage regarding their degradation and the environmental ramifications; materials no longer in use due to their environmental impact, and the materials that replace them; treatments designed for new environmental parameters; reduction and reuse of materials considered for long term storage; lighting, including new approaches; environmental control; new approaches to loans, including travel, packing and transportation; and cost savings from sustainable practices.

Tips will be followed by a discussion session led by a panel of environmental specialists and cultural heritage conservators who have focused on related topics.

To present a 10 minute tip, please submit a proposal to CSCP by December 20, 2011 to


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