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Two conservators walk into a bar…

Welcome to the blogosphere West Dean College! West Dean has a new blog called “Current Projects” that will highlight the work their students are doing. That program covers more than books, but we are an ecumenical lot in libraries and archives. Here’s a sample of the first book-ish post by Abigail Uhteg:

We’re conservators. The explanation at a bar usually goes something like this: We fix old stuff. Well sometimes it’s not old. And sometimes we don’t fix it. No trust me, it’s fascinating. Actually once I really explain what I do, most people see the appeal. We work on old things, pretty things, ugly things, rare things, historically important things; we use technology and tools borrowed from other professions to solve problems you might not have thought about. [click through to read more]

This conversation is so true…most people I talk to confuse our profession with natural-environment conservationists (their word, not mine). I say that yes, it is true we care for trees but only after they have been chopped down, ground to a pulp, made into paper and printed or written on them. But that sentence usually stops the conversation cold. We’ll be reading, West Dean!


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