New Series of Posts for PCAN: “In the News”

A sure sign of a good professional conference (in this case, ALA Annual 2013 in Chicago a few weeks ago) is the fresh breath of air that it brings to your perspective, energy, and zeal for your chosen vocation. I returned from ALA with renewed dedication for PCAN to be an information hub for the preservation and conservation fields. I heard a lot about the great dh+lib Guide to ALA Annual 2013 and how many wish that there was a dedicated preservation blog for just such a resource.  PCAN has published schedules for ALA before, as well as conference notes for ALA, AIC, and other preservation-related events.  We’re not officially associated with ALA/ALCTS/PARS or AIC or any institution — we’re just two folks with busy lives and an [intermittent] goal to fill a void in the web for preservation via this blog.

So while Beth and I have talked recently about renewing our commitment to PCAN, we still need your help and always welcome your contributions — be they job announcements, notes of introduction or congrats to new hires, thought pieces, conference notes, press releases, or pretty much anything related to conservation and preservation.  Dash off a quick note to us at

Towards that goal of bringing new content to PCAN, I’m starting a new category: In the News.  These posts will highlight news stories, links to interesting if irreverent pieces (yes, there will be some viral videos), and  other information that might otherwise slip through the cracks and not be posted on PADG, the ConsDistList, or elsewhere.  Most will be presented without commentary, but please visit the comments section and chime in!


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