North Carolina’s Most Endangered Artifacts

North Carolina is the latest state to have an “endangered artifact” awareness drive. We have been hearing a lot about CCAHA’s effort in Pennsylvania, and Virginia’s Top Ten Endangered Artifact program. Now North Carolina Preservation Consortium has developed a program for that state. Deadline for entries is August 1, 2013, so hurry!

North Carolina’s Most Endangered Artifacts is a statewide preservation awareness and fundraising campaign sponsored by the North Carolina Preservation Consortium that promotes the survival of tangible heritage in our state’s archives, historic sites, libraries, museums, and other collection institutions.

Conservation can save damaged and decaying artifacts for future generations. Professional conservators apply art and science to their craft. However, it can be costly. North Carolina collection institutions need your help. Many do not have the funds to pay for conservation. Without intervention these artifacts will perish.

The first step to saving these artifacts is nomination. The NCPC Board of Directors will review nominations and select artifacts for this program. A call for donations to fund artifact conservation will then be launched. Nominations will be accepted until August 1, 2013.

Next, help us raise public awareness and donations to save these artifacts. Visit our advocacy and donation web pages.




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  1. The deadline for this campaign has been extended to September 1st.

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