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In the News: Is There Such A Thing as Digital Preservation? | The Signal: Digital Preservation

Leslie Johnston, Acting Director of the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program at the Library of Congress, tackles the differences and similarities between “traditional” preservation and digital preservation:

I also hear that the skill sets are different. This is in part true. There is additional expertise in file formats, familiarity with potential risks in storage infrastructures, forensic analysis of files and auditing of storage and the use of tools to migrate files (and file formats) as appropriate that is needed.  But, at the core, the skill set is one of being able to identify risks, analyze collections for risks, make decisions about needed preservation actions and take them. There is some specialization in the handling of digital media and files, but that level of specialization in preservation is not uncommon.

Is There Such A Thing as Digital Preservation? | The Signal: Digital Preservation.

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