Job Opening: Conservation Librarian, Tulane

Reporting to the Director, Technical Services Division, the Conservation Librarian is responsible for collaborating with various librarians and staff to identify, assess and inventory the conservation needs of library materials and ensure their appropriate treatment. They identify conservation priorities, develops plans, estimates necessary resources, and manages a workflow that appropriately leads to conservation or withdrawal of materials based on condition and other criteria. They identify and work with outside conservation vendors to provide appropriate treatments to at‐risk materials, negotiates costs and timelines, ensures proper handling, and monitors vendor performance. Supervises staff assigned to stacks management and binding. Trains staff in basic in‐house repair. Performs some intermediate conservation of materials. Performs environmental monitoring and assessment for all buildings housing library collections. Actively pursues and administers grant proposals for conservation or preservation matters. Trains staff in recovery methods for damaged materials. Serves as a resource for conservation and preservation questions. Plays a leading role on the library’s emergency recovery team. Monitors and orders disaster and conservation supplies and equipment. Actively participates in professional and scholarly associations to acquire new knowledge, update skills, and keep abreast of emerging trends and issues in preservation and conservation.


  • Experience working in a research library, special collections or archives environment
  • Demonstrated formal training and experience in book and paper conservation techniques
  • Knowledge of book and paper preservation, standards, ethics, and current trends in the field
  • Knowledge of conservation principles, techniques, and procedures as relating to a wide variety of materials
  • Experience with staff supervision and project management
  • Grant application experience and grant oversight experience
  • Strong leadership, organization, problem solving and analytic skills
  • Ability to work independently and with others
  • Experience developing, designing and/or carrying out condition surveys and conservation needs assessments
  • Ability to meet Level1 Core Competencies as defined here:


For information on how to apply see the job posting on Tulane’s website.


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